【update】DARK MATTER the missing mass of capitalism


Wonderland has so far conducted three night walks.
Through those walks, new potentialities for the project have emerged.
As well as formalising a guided walk aiming for a group of audiences,
we have decided that the act of walking in a group at night could be used as a state of exploration.

This idea was brought up by Art-Phil (www.art-phil.com) who has been participating in the previous walks, and this alternative interpretation of the night walk has lead to form the new branch of DARK MATTER, that is a state of exploration rather than a representation of ideas. Hereby, we have two branches of DARK MATTER. They are two different responses to the same objectives; to explore the possibilities of identifying and formalising the dark matter of capitalism through the night walks.

●DARK MATTTER as a state of exploration
The night walks as a state of exploration use the act of walking as an act of collective thinking. One comes and goes, inside and outside of the city, Tokyo, which is highly developed yet endlessly segmented and controlled by the huge and vast power of the capitalism, the technology, and the symbolism,. The participants, as “there-beings” through the walking, will discover new potentialities of DARK MATTER: the constellation of infinitely minute lights, imaginary powers and creative wills of individuals, which reflect and shine against the void of differences, or the invisible security control executed by the government under the name of peace and harmony.

Photographs and/or texts taken through the walks will be gathered and an editor/critic of Art-Phil will write a text in response. This will result in a small creative documentary publication.

Each walk will be organised with different individuals working in various fields, and the route for each walk will be set accordingly. The frameworks for the walks will not assume the fixed positioning of a presenter and audiences.

The project will have a mobile round-table discussion and presentation in order to imagine/create the new history through art and philosophy.

DARK MATTER as a representation of ideas
Wonderland is currently working on the project, and we are aiming to run guided walks from the early summer 2014. The outline of the project can be found on this page. This DARK MATTER as a representation of ideas will be built along in depth research and other collective activities organised through DARK MATTER as a state of exploration.

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