Art-Phil has been participating in DARK MATTER since its second walk. As a part of a long term residency program at Wonderland, Art-Phil is working on a publication. Through the night-walks with artists whose works interest him, he is collecting photographs and texts contributed by the participants. These materials gathered are edited by each walk, and compiled with texts he writes  in response.

As a part of the process of preparing the publication, the following PDF files are created for viewing online.

Report from Walk3
Report from Walk 5

“One comes and goes, inside and outside of the city, Tokyo, which is highly developed like the cranial nervous system of Moby Dick yet endlessly segmented and controlled by the huge and vast power of the capitalism, the information technology, and the symbolism. The participants, as “there-beings” through the walking, will discover new potentialities of DARK MATTER: the constellation of infinitely minute lights, imaginary powers and creative wills of individuals, which reflect and shine against the void of differences, or the invisible security control executed by the government under the name of peace and harmony.” Art-Phil


Wonderlandの軸となっているDARK MATTERの2回目のウォークから参加していただいているArt-Phil。Wonderlandでの長期的なレジデンス活動として、出版物を発行するために参加されています。ご自身が関心を持たれているアーティスト達とのナイトウォークを通じて、参加者の記録写真やテキストを収集されています。こうして集められたマテリアルを、各ウォーク毎にまとめながら、ご自身のレスポンスの文章を書いていらっしゃいます。


Walk 3の記録
Walk 5の記録







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